Q. Where is my music??

A. Sit tight, hopefully it will arrive soon. As I am based in AUSTRALIA, under normal circumstances it may take 3-4 weeks, sometimes 5-6 weeks from the time that I emailed you stating that it had been sent. Unfortunately during COVID-19, postage may take up to 60 days.

Occasionally, and very frustratingly, packages get lost in the mail. If you have not received it after 6 weeks, email me and I will send another copy. Please check the terms and conditions for further info.


Q. Is tracking information provided?

A. No – unless you email me to request Fedex (at extra cost). Otherwise all orders are sent via regular mail, which does not include tracking.


Q. I really need the music fast. Can you send me a PDF while I wait for the hard copies to arrive? Why don’t you sell music in PDF format?

A. If you need it fast you shoulda ordered it earlier! As explained on the sheet music page, piracy is a problem with PDF files. Selling music in PDF format is something I may consider in the future, but only if business is booming to the point where the printing & dispatch departments (IE me) can’t handle sending out the hard copies all the time.

But there’s something nice about getting REAL music in the mail, don’t you think? 🙂


Q. I need the music fast and I’m prepared to pay for the extra speed – can you Fedex the music to me?

A. Yes, at extra cost – usually anywhere between $80-120 AUD depending on location in addition to the cost of the music. Yup, I know that isn’t cheap. However this is the fastest/safest way to get your music, and you’ll be provided with a tracking number. Email me for details.


Q. Do you post music anywhere in the world?

A. Yes. As long as there is a reliable postal service, I can send music to you 🙂 Mexico seems to be somewhat unreliable though, I’ve had several deliveries go missing there 🙁
Delivery time will vary depending on location. PLEASE make sure your address is correct and has all the relevant information.


Q. I don’t like using PayPal. Do you accept any other forms of payment?

A. Sorry, no 🙁 My music business is too small an operation for credit cards to be worthwhile and international bank transfers incur additional fees. PayPal is an industry-standard method of transferring funds all over the world, safe and easy with buyer-protection. I’ve been using them for years and they have had excellent reliability.


Q. Your music is kinda expensive. Do you offer a student discount?

A. Sorry, no 🙁 I researched pricing for various chamber music before setting my prices. The most recent price increase is due to the higher cost of shipping during COVID-19.
Please keep in mind that I pay for everything myself around here – in the case of a YouTube video, that includes the musicians, the audio recording, film crew and the venue. (And sometimes the catering!) And this website you’re looking at.

It costs a lot to promote myself. I’m very much a ‘one-man-band’, not a large international music publishing house.

I’d like to think that when you buy my music, you’re getting something handcrafted and unique, straight from me to you – not something mass-produced and boring 🙂

If you have any other questions, you can email me 🙂