S.E.F.M. & The Healing Effect of Music

S.E.F.M. & The Healing Effect of Music

My Mum has a pen-pal in England, named Valerie.  It’s an interesting story as to how they became pen-pals….Valerie’s parents and my Mum’s parents were pen-pas and when they passed on, my Mum and Valerie inherited the connection. They’ve never met, but have been writing to each other for over 15 years.

Mum and Valerie exchanged all kinds of family news, and eventually Valerie became interested in my activities as a music composer. She asked for more information, so we sent her my business card with my website details on it, and a CD of the choral works I did. Valerie’s husband Roland is very ill,  but when she played him the CD it had a positive effect:

It is a lovely piece of music – they both are and we both liked them very much. I admit it made me cry it is so beautiful and I think Roland finds it very soothing and calming – he sleeps a lot in the day as well now, but sometimes has difficulty getting past the restless stage – but i have played the CD a few times now when he is agitated and he has, so far, always drifted off into a peaceful sleep, without the horrible nightmares/hallucinations he has, so thank you again…..

I don’t care if no-one is ever interested in those pieces, to know that they have had such a healing effect on someone is more than enough for me. Little things (or big things) like this make it all worth it.

In other news….the dance piece I have been putting together for good friend Samita Nandy is finished! She’ll be performing her own dance routine to this music, very interested to see what she comes up with 🙂