Piñata Photos, New Orchestral Works, FlickR

Piñata Photos, New Orchestral Works, FlickR

Greetings! Here are some rehearsal and performance photos from the recent Piñata concert, special thanks to Carl Harper (trombone), Katie Thomas (Marimba) and also Louise Devenish for organizing the event 🙂

I’ve also been working on some orchestral works recently, the first of which I had the melody almost 5 years ago! It sat on the shelf for a long time, until I finally got around to developing it further. This is a midi mockup version of course, but I plan to get a proper orchestral score and set of parts ready at some stage this year (possibly a wind ensemble version too) and see if I can find an orchestra to play it 🙂

During my years teaching at Notre Dame, I was sometimes called on to sing the national anthem at the graduation ceremonies. As the graduates walked out, they usually are accompanied by some fairly bland music. I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be great of they had something a little more uplifting to walk out to??” Ya know, something triumphant like John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare. Not that Notre Dame would ever use it, but this is what I (eventually) came up with:

In stark contrast I also wanted to test myself on some action-adventure style music – have you watched The Amazing Race? I love that show because they go all over the world! Anyway….the music is mostly done by the excellent Lee Sanders, who I had the honour of meeting in 2012. This track is designed to emulate the crazy-frenetic style of music that is used to accompany the contestants as they scramble, rush, jump, run, fly, duck, spin, etc etc. *Finish line* in sight at 2:09!

In other news, I now have a FlickR account – all concert & music related photos will be posted there in glorious high resolution if you’d like to have a gander 🙂

Finally, I miss L.A! So much so that I ordered this book from Amazon to keep me going until my next visit 😛

Hope YOU are doing great and thanks for reading 😉