Recording in LA

Last month I had the privilege to record some new music in Los Angeles. We recorded at United Recording Studios with some of LAs best jazz and classical players. What a blast!

We were also very lucky to secure the audio engineering talent of Allen Sides. My main inspiration for getting Allen was his work with Bill Holman – I love the big band sound he got on A View From The Side and Brilliant Corners. Both albums were recorded and mixed by Allen at United (known then as Ocean Way), hence my choice in him and United. Allen has a recording CV that is both amazing and diverse – I feel extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Special thanks must also go to music contractor Peter Rotter for putting together a fantastic band and my good friend and colleague Kyle Newmaster for being ‘the booth guy’ – basically, a 2nd pair of ears listening to the music and also some late-night ProTools editing! Thanks also to Tim Davies for some sage advice on how to prepare for an LA recording session.

Here is a sample – more audio (and video!) to come soon.

Haven’t written big band music in a long time. It’s good to be back 😉