Kimbra & Florence

Kimbra & Florence

So…as well as news about what I’m doing musically, I enjoy writing about concerts/gigs that I have been to, the ones that inspire me!

It was a while ago now, but I got to see both Florence & the Machine and Kimbra in Perth! Both such fantastic acts coming to my hometown, I was really excited to be going.

I properly discovered Florence while on a recent holiday in the U.S – I already knew ‘Dog Days’ but not much beyond that. I was doing a great road trip and needed some CDs for the journey, so picked up Florence’s new album Ceremonials. What a sound! Not just her voice but all the different instruments she uses, what with choirs, organs, bucket loads of percussion…and surprisingly light on the guitars. I love guitars – they can do so many wonderful things – but it’s refreshing not to have them upfront for once. The show I saw was great but not *quite* as epic as I was hoping – I think the sound wasn’t 100% (Burswood Dome is never a great venue although I remember Gorillaz being amazing there). Also when you really wanna sing along, Florence would alter the melody which kinda lost the charm slightly for me. Changing the melody is usually a nice touch with a live show – don’t wanna do everything the same as the CD version – but maybe not in the big sing-a-long bits! Ah, maybe that’s just me being fussy. It was still awesome to watch the show. Here is an excerpt of ‘Dog Days’ from where I was standing – love the set design!

I actually enjoyed Kimbra more – possibly because it was a smaller venue (Metro City, nowhere near as large as the dome) you can get into it more and you’re closer to the artist. And Kimbra’s band – man what a funky act they were! Her album is fab, that M-Phazes bloke really knows how to produce – lots of great soul/jazz inspired tunes but with a modern tinge. Well, that’s my take on it anyway πŸ™‚

However my absolute favourite track of Kimbra’s is her collaboration with A-Track and Mark Foster, Warrior. Man this song just burns. I would love to be able to write stuff like this. Being trained in jazz and classical music, pop/rock music is kind of a challenge for me, but I’m working on it! To give it a little more punch, they played this song at a slightly faster tempo – damn, I wanna go again!

I’d like to find a better digital camera that doesn’t distort the audio so much at loud gigs. Any suggestions??

Over & out πŸ˜‰